Coronavirus COVID-19

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A terrible epidemic to be sure! While we should remain vigilant against any disease that affects our communities both local and world-wide, we should also keep a level head when distributing information to the masses. The last thing we want is folks thinking they have to live like hermits or that there is little hope for survival.

In the world of online information that sits at our fingertips, it is a shame that many news outlets both official and not, see fit to fear-monger information beyond what is reality. To be fair there are many news outlets calling out the fake news preponents too, kudos to them. There is plenty of good information out there, real numbers, real perspective.

Here at DollaRock we are going to try to help you out. A really good non-official website to keep track of things, if you like numbers.

By country data-table.

A live map of the progress of the Coronavirus COVID-19.

A comprehensive news feed for tracking information around the world.

Some recommendations made by officials and doctors.

  • Wash your hands before eating, after toileting, if visibly dirty – the virus can transfer directly through skin contact or from objects
  • Avoid those who are already sick
  • Wear a facemask – with washing of hands
  • Get checked by medical professionals if you are suspicious, especially if you have been in contact with recent travellers to the affected zones
  • Seek further advice

Further resources.

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